The Push Back to Governments Outlawing People Leaving their LGBTIQ Lives.


Are You Ex LGBTIQ?  We Need Your Help.

Our governments are moving to pass laws that will make it illegal for people who have unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted Gender Dysphoria to get any assistance. Governments are telling the public and specifically people in the LGBTIQ community that they do not, they cannot, change. They tell them that using medical doctors, professional counseling, pastoral care, prayer, or even talking to someone for their advice on how to deal with such unwanted feelings is only ever damaging and they have called it “Conversion Therapy”.

Your Investment In The Human Rights of Others.

We believe that every human being has rights, and that when governments pass laws stopping people from seeking their personal happiness, it is an abuse of those human rights. Here is your opportunity to tell the politicians and lawmakers what your life was like, how having left your LGBTIQ life behind has changed you and what assistance you received to get here.

How You Can Help Others.

CAUSE has an association with a number of professional people who are gathering information to produce a paper to counter the dishonesty that governments are promoting. It is only people like you who have come out these lives, by sharing your stories of change, who can stop governments oppressing vulnerable people. To do that our professionals need your story of change. To be effective and help others with unwanted feelings we are looking for hundreds of stories of change. This makes what you have to say incredibly important.

This portal will allow you, as a person who has, or who had unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted Gender Dysphoria, to log in answer a short questionnaire that creates your Profile, and then record your story of change about how your life was as same-sex attracted or Gender Dysphoric, how you changed it and what it is like now. To explain what your attractions and feelings about yourself were. How they affected you and what you did about it.  You can do that by lodging your story of change as a video, or in a voice recording, or a written document. If you want to, we will show you how to blur your face and mask you voice. Although in your registration we will need a record of your real name for verification, you will later have the option of inserting a Nickname (alias), or your real name, into your account by which to identify your stories of change. Your identification will be confidential unless you enter it into the Nickname (Alias) field.

How To Register Your Account.

There are two important parts to the registration. Open an Account & Fill in Your Profile.

Part 1)  Open an Account.  Open your Account hereThe Nickname (Alias) is important. It is how your Profile, Video, Audio or Written stories of change will be identified.  There will be a delay as your application is processed by our admin but they will confirm your account by email.

Part 2)  Create your Profile. This is really important, please don’t delay. The Profiles give our academics much needed statistics. If you don’t have your story ready yet, you can put it together and come back to lodge it at a later time.

Once you have received your email that says your account is open, please go back to this webpage and make sure you are Logged In. Then click on “My Profile” which will have appeared at the top of this page. Click on “Enter My Profile.” Once finished entering  your Profile you will be shown and also receive by email  a “My Story Page Access Password”.

Now you can submit your stories.

To submit your Stories make sure you are Logged In.  Click on “My Story” at the top of this page. You will be asked for a password. Enter the “My Story Page Access Password” you received after submitting your Profile. (Pls note that this is a different password to your account password.) Then you will be able to select to enter your Video, Audio or Written story of change.

(If any emails are missing remember to check your spam folder.) If you need more information or help please click here -> Contact us. 

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Help Spread The Word.

We have produced a printable A5 PDF brochure that you can download  and share with others. Click on the image and download the brochure. You can print it out or send it by electronic means to others you think may be able to assist.